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Website Launch

WELCOME to my new blog/website!


I'm very excited to announce the launch of my new website/blog. Built by myself and my good friend John MacLean, whose design help and professional insight really made the website shine in more ways than one! So I have a big thanks to give to John for his assistance in building this with me, it would not be here without him.

I had recently heard on the radio that Facebook had the all-time highest loss on the stock market and as we see more and more people started to jump ship from the social media platforms I wanted to have my own place to still share my own views, electronic dance music production videos, tracks and working on, tracks and interest me and mostly a place to vent and express myself artistically. The social media business model has greatly degraded the usefulness of these online promotional products. 

So here is my one stop shop for all that is Dono.


For those who read everything will be rewarded with download link